Systems Integrators Answer Industry's Needs
"We provide sort of a soup to nuts package for our customers," says Tom Canavan, President of A. F. Associates, a leading systems integrator located in Northvale, NJ, (, "helping them outsource their needs for growth and expansion on the technology side. And I'm glad to say the biggest trend affecting us is that broadcasters and cable system operators are turning to systems integrators more often than they did even just 10 years ago."

Starz "Disaster Relief Center"
"A lot of people talk about doing something like this, but few have actually accomplished it," says Ray Milius, V.P. of technology for the Starz Encore Group. "Basically, this will be a scaled down version of our main satellite uplink center in Englewood, Colorado. We aren't just concerned about a 9/11 type of incident although that's always a possibility. The Englewood facility is located right next to both an airport and a major freeway, and Colorado is sometimes subject to severe tornadoes.

Next Best Thing
Let's face it: These days, to make it in business you have to find a way to do it better, faster and cheaper than the other guy. One of the ways successful businesses do this is through technology. Face to face communication is always optimal, but since the tragedy of 9/11 and with rising travel costs, more and more businesses both large and small, schools, and more are turning to video conferencing as the next best thing to being there in person.

Cast a Giant Shadow
Ancient stories tell of the Grecian army that lined up its troops before dawn, and with the sunrise casting each soldier's long shadow down in the valley below, made the opposing force think they where up against a race of giant warriors. In terror, they fled in hasty retreat. Perhaps even before that, when cavemen cast hand puppet shadows on cave walls by firelight, man has always been fascinated by the projected image. Today's projectors are a far cry from those times and offer something for almost any application or budget.

Spacevirus Designs Media For Quiksilver Times Square
Philip Owens and his creative studio Spacevirus announce the design of two exciting multiscreen video presentations for the newest location of the Quiksilver Boardriders Club store in Times Square, New York. The work by Spacevirus not only appears nonstop on three huge (6' by 13') plasma screens above the storefront, but also on a ceiling-high videowall of 63 video screens within the store.

Installation: Clarity Displays in Verizon Network Operations Center
Clarity Visual Systems, Inc., announced an installation of 67-inch Clarity Lion UXP Advanced Performance Liquid Crystal Displays (AP/LCD) at the renovated Verizon Network Operations Center (NOC) in Arlington, Va.

Northrop Grumman Deploys Latest Video Wall Technology
Northrop Grumman Integrated Systems is expanding its command and control system simulation and analysis capabilities under the concept Cyber Warfare Integration Network (CWIN). The advanced CWIN facility uses a video wall array of three 13-foot wide-by- 10-foot high screens powered by RGB Spectrum's SuperView multiple window display processors to present a variety of computer and video visuals.

Chicagoland Establishment Delivers Entertainment with Quad Window Display Processor
Discriminating Chicagoland sports fans know the spot to catch all the action, the popular RAM Restaurant and Brew House in Rosemont, Illinois. To provide its customers with maximum sports entertainment value, the RAM Restaurant and Brew House decided to equip the bar with the latest audio visual technology.

All For One
If you haven’t followed the evolution of Polycom and videoconferencing in the past few years, you may be surprised by all the changes. There has been massive consolidation in the industry. “Basically we’re down to two major vendors: Polycom and Tandberg,” says Lou Latham, an analyst with the Gartner research firm, based in Stamford, Connecticut. “Tandberg is the Mercedes, with a high level of engineering. Polycom is taking more of the General Motors approach, with a very broad scope of functionality.” Tandberg’s products tend to be high-end, while Polycom’s products run the gamut from low- to high-end.

Special Report:
Long Live DLP?

A new study about the reliability of color and picture quality in LCD and DLP projectors could change the course of front-projection technology. How will LCD projector manufacturers respond?